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From the very classic and stately to the quaintest cottage, the links below will show you some beautiful ideas in the form of photos and video. Hope you find the idea that fits the spot!

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Front Yard


Backyard Ponds
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Pool Designs

When you have decided to embark upon a landscaping project there's nothing more important as heeding the advice of landscaping professionals... draw up a plan!

Want loads of landscaping ideas that can save you hundreds of dollars? If so, you'll want to take a peek at the following resource - you can even get the first chapter for free. Click here for plenty of inspiration!

Good garden design begins with a plan. Don't attempt any project without a well thought out plan!
You'll save time, money...and mistakes.

And before you get paper and pencil, sit down with the family and find out what plants, themes, structures, pathways, so forth and so on, each one would enjoy seeing replace the area that is, perhaps, presently occupied by the leaning and net-less basketball goal that stands so forlornly upon an equally forlorn and balding patch of lawn.

If you're like me and you can't draw, there are some very keen landscape design software programs that allow you to upload a photo of the area you want to landscape, and the software will help you create the look and layout of trees, plants and shrubs for the garden of your dreams. Neat huh?

Whether you use a software or simple pen and paper, don't begin your landscaping project without a fairly defined plan.

That's where it all begins...your dream drawn on paper that will set you on a journey that will turn your landscaping ideas into a beautiful reality.

And we here at Landscaping Ideas welcome you and do hope we will serve as your faithful mentor and creative partner in bringing your landscaping dream to complete fruition.

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