Backyard Patio Landscaping
Design Considerations

Your backyard patio landscaping design should reflect the things you like to do outdoors. If properly planned, the area will increase the space you have for living and entertaining.

backyard patio landscaping design,bbq outdoor cooker

Cooking is something that most people like to do outdoors. Outdoor grills are a common feature of decks and patios. There are many different designs, typically categorized according to the types of fuel that are used. The two most common types of fuel are propane and charcoal.

Generally speaking, propane grills are more expensive than charcoal grills. But the new outdoor oven-type wood-burning cookers can be quite expensive. Propane grills typically cost more because of the additional features needed for safety, reliability and cooking ease.

Any grill can be hazardous if installation is poorly planned. The grills should be far away from anything that could catch on fire. Child play areas should be kept separate from cooking areas. Last but not least, the grills should never be left unattended when they are lit.

Free Backyard Landscaping Ideas

You can use some of the free backyard landscaping ideas available online to help you plan your own unique space. Once you have decided what type of cooking space you want, the next step depends on what you already have.

If you have a fully constructed patio, then you are ahead of the game. If you are still trying to decide what kind of patio to build, look at the many designs available online. Some of the home improvement DIY stores have created tools to help you see your plans come to life.

Interlocking Pavers for Your Patio

One of the most popular materials for patios and walkways is the interlocking paver. Interlocking pavers have many advantages over concrete slabs, as well as conventional brick and mortar. Concrete slabs can crack and break during cold weather or spring melts. Brick and mortar will do the same thing.

The interlocking pavers you will see in many of the free backyard landscaping ideas are more flexible. They give when the ground freezes and expands. Because of that feature, they do not crack when the ground thaws.

Furnishings, water features, and play areas are other factors you may want to include in your great outdoors.

A unique concept in furnishing is to use concrete. Concrete furnishings last a long time and are less expensive than you might think.

Water features include ponds and fountains. They add interest, but may be require some time to maintain, depending on the type you purchase.

For play areas, you can choose something as simple as a sandbox or as complex as an indoor-outdoor swimming pool. The sky is really the limit in backyard patio landscaping design.

Let your imagination be your guide!

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